Stephen Call

One of Stephen’s earliest memories of learning to work with his hands occurred at the age of twelve, when his mother bought him 10 lbs of oil based clay and a book on how to sculpt classic Greek statues. This interest soon extended into wood carving, wax and water based clay sculptures.

In 1972, when Stephen began his bachelor of arts degree at BYU, he secured part time work under a government-on the job-training program in antique furniture restoration. Upon graduation, Stephen opened his first furniture restoration business in Provo, Utah. Since that time, he has lived in many locations, and has always pursued his love of furniture restoration.

Stephen was voted #1 furniture restoration firm in the United States by the top 3 van lines in 1990. In October of 1991, Stephen along with his wife Diana and their 7 children, took a 2 year sabbatical to Mexico. While their children explored the culture of the city of Guanajuato and learned to speak Spanish, Stephen pursued his love of sculpting. He has created over 30 limited edition bronzes and that many sculptures again in other mediums. When NAFTA passed in 1994, Stephen was awarded an exclusive contract with the major van lines to service their claims in Mexico City.

Considerable work goes into each piece being restored. The first step starts with mindful research. Being meticulous with each step of restoration is crucial to the final outcome. Each piece of furniture becomes it’s own work of art.

Today, Stephen lives in Mesa, Arizona where he continues to service the major van lines, top interior designers, and the private sector. His work also takes him to many cities throughout the US to restore historical pieces. Many of these pieces were deemed not repairable by other repair firms, but were beautifully restored by Stephen.

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