The first driftwood carving we completed (David and Stephen Call) was on a spruce driftwood log in the summer of 2012. Here we got our first feel of carving on a log that had been weathered by the ocean and time.  In our first attempt of carving on this amazing medium, we quickly learned how quickly the sand and rotten layers of driftwood could dull and destroy our fine and precise Swiss Pfeil wood chisels. For more information on the history of these carvings from the West Seattle Blog and West Seattle Herald, please click on each individual pictures.


We just recently discovered that the Nautilus and Salmon carvings has travelled 10 miles north from Lincoln Park with the last big storm in October 2016 and the king tides and have beached on Discovery Park, Seattle, just south of the lighthouse.

Diane Scheurell recently discovered the log and wrote about it in her blog: Nautilus and Salmon Carving Rides the Storm from 10 Miles North from Lincoln Park to Discovery Park, Seattle

We are exicted to see how long it will stay here and where it will go next!

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